"Flavio Mangiavacchi's Orottica" was born in 1889, when Giustino Mangiavacchi opened his occupation in Sarteano, continued by his sons Cornelio and Sestilio.
While Cornelio moved to Rome, where he worked as watchmaker in the "Q. De Dominicis" jewelery, located in Vittorio Emanuele Square, Cornelio kept working in Sarteano.
After the untimely death of Cornelio, his wife Clorinda Lorenzini assumed the command of this occupation, bringing up her sons Cornelio and Mario between "house and workshop".
When her sons grown up, they opened other workshops in Cetona and Chianciano Terme, in addition to the preexistent shop in Sarteano.
In 1996, thanks to a fiery entrepreneurial wit and to the passion handed on from their grandfather, they introduced optics both in the commercial sector and like professional service, executing the testing of sight in chemist's shops of San Quirico d'Orcia, Pienza, Montalcino and Castiglion d'Orcia.
In the 70's Franca Fatini, Mario's wife, took part in this activity, giving her decisive help in the window dressing and in the relationships with customers.
Passion, inventiveness and genius are a genetic patrimony of the tird generation too, which keeps alive the family traditions and values.
Then, in 1996 Flavio Mangiavacchi, Franca and Mario's son, takes part in the staff.
After having worked in Chianciano Terme and Sarteano's workshops, he decided to establish himself in Sarteno's shop to improve the rendering of services and to place his professionalism at customers' disposal. As a consequence, in 2004 "Orottica di Flavio Mangiavacchi" was born.
Nowadays, after the last extension works, "Orottica" is the benchmark for people who, wishing to buy a jewelery or optics' item, expect the certainty of an efficient service together with a complete and personalized assistance.
Flavio places to customers' disposal professionality and kindness, as the result of the passion towards an handed on from generations job. His products are the union between quality and convenience.
Moreover, he offers the opportunity to execute the computerized testing of sight and the application of contact lenses.
Thanks to the presence of the workroom it's possible to create unique items and both to repair and to restore antiques clocks.
This web-site www.orottica.it is another result of the Orottica's adopted policy.
Our shop is located in Sarteano (Siena), in Corso Garibaldi, 2/4/6 and is open from monday to saturday from 9 am to 1 pm and from 4pm to 8 pm.